Woody’s Waxworks

out of The Decadent Few & The Railway Children (Welsh version) comes this……….

doodle no.1 by Tone H
doodle no.1 by Tone H

and another mind-scribble……



The 2nd doodle has a reference to the Jules Rimet trophy, I reckon, since his Italian heritage got the better of him, when it came to football.

Tone H was a writer and guitarist.

He wrote for the studio. Everything in his head he could hear as a sound-painting.

Not many have this skill.

If you saw him with a guitar, you would probably laugh. When we played live, people would always be generous, then say , ‘You need to get rid of that guitarist!’

The Rehearsals (84)



The Recordings (Wellesbourne, 1983)

Outlined some sketches of material here on an 8-track. Attempted to play live on a couple at 9 in the morning! Daft idea. Never intended as ‘keepers.’ Nevertheless the engineer, Paul, fancied doing some dub mixing. Suddenly, Jung ‘o Billy morphed into a grander concept. The original vocal was used even at the later rerecording. It was never redone. The poor drummer, Robbo, had to guess where the beats were when he made his debut on the 16-track session. Crazy.




The Record & Rockfield

Sent some copies out on vinyl to test the water and see what interest there was. Kingsley got in touch with me, saying he liked the sound. He was fascinated by the production. Perhaps it was the proximity to the latest experimental Teardrops’ material (which remained unreleased for decades). So off we go to meet him to chat about all sorts, from his obsession with Elvis to Geldof who was then at a very loose end.



The Performances (84)




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